The FTC has issued a more stringent ruling regarding blog disclosure. To ensure that I am in compliance with these new rules, here is my complete disclosure on sponsorships and compensation received.

I don’t “get paid” to write this blog, as in I do not receive a steady income, but my blog does take time and money to run. Because of that, this blog accepts monetary compensation through linking to products I endorse and recommend through affiliate linking. My reviews and opinions are 100% my own.

Affiliate links

An affiliate link will bring the reader to an outside site with a product or service that, if purchased through that link, will provide me with a very small percentage of that purchase in the form of a credit with that site or retailer without extra cost to you, the reader and consumer.

Referral links

When an item or service is purchased through one of my referral links I will receive a small bonus either in the form of a discount or less commonly, monetary compensation.